This guy is something else; I was fortunate enough to be guided by this man. His work is not only limited to people with stress-issues or troubled life, but he is praised by those who are looking for mentors, direction, and guidance.

- Jamal D. J

Michael not only identifies what troubles a teenager but also helps transform his life. He is not only a mentor but an angel for teens. My kid, 17-year-old, was going through a tough time at school, dealing with bullying and drug abuse. He was reluctant to share his problems. Then Michel came into our lives and helped my kid. I am grateful for your guidance and training.

- Shane Pierce

Everybody is well aware of his work, what he has done for society, and how he is transforming the lives of hundreds of teenagers. He is a role model for youth nationwide and I would love to recommend him to anybody who wants to turn their life around after being a victim of gang violence and crime.

- Nigel Preston

My session with Michael W. Stanley was amazing; he stressed the fact that if you want to change the world, you first have to change your own self. His story is inspiring and led me to take conscious decisions about my life. Truly a role model!

- Buck Goodman